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Webdesign | Frontend

Simple free coded (HTML, CSS, JS) or CMS (Wordpress) websites for your projects, hobbies and needs. Read more

Databases | Backend

Creating a simple (Json, CSV, Firebase) MS Excel compatible database that you can use easily in your work.

Mobile Apps
mobile apps

Cross platform mobile app developement. You can use them on Windows, iOS and Android as well.

Research & Education
desktop publishing

Management and implementation of mainly agricultural related research topics and projects with education. Chek out my ResearchGate profile for more. Read more

Data visualization

Creating different types of Infographic Charts and Graphs on demand. Read more

Machine Learning
desktop publishing

Development of simple ML projects with Deep Learning and Convolutional Neural Networks.

Desktop publishing
desktop publishing

Editorial work of books, journals or other dissemination. Publishing your work with ISBN, ISSN or DOI. Read more

Event management
desktop publishing

Organizing scientific and corporate events on your needs. As a reference check out the Alps Adria Scientific Workshop. Read more

desktop publishing

Portfolio, landscape and corporoate photograpy for your projects, albums, websites or books. Read more


Zoltán Kende

My name is Zoltán Kende, I'm working as an assistant research fellow in the Crop Production Institute of the Szent István University, Gödöllő, Hungary. Mainly my work is linked to the crop production, R&D and the higher education. In my PhD work I dealt with soil related sciences and climate change. However my previous works and schools are associated to the agriculture, I'm really intrested about the new technologies, software developement and innovation, thus I learned mostly everything in this field on my own. Now I'm an enthusiastic digital tinkerer who would like to save the world, but first I'd like to help in your project!



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